Retford’s Poppy Tree Memorial Sculpture

For everyone who is interested in where Retford’s Poppy Tree  Memorial Sculpture is (it has been a noted piece in the yard alongside the opticians in West Street); Kenny Roach was surprised and delighted to be asked by a member of staff from Retford Oaks School if they could borrow what has become known locally as ‘The Poppy Tree’ (representing devastation of the land, environment and wildlife as a result of war and armed conflict) for their remembrance ceremony in school, late October.

Many members of staff from Retford Oaks are passionate about the work of the British Legion and the story and cause they represent.  This has been picked up by many pupils of the school who have created their own poppy-style memorials which have been on public display on several occasions with the British Legion, and Kenny who is on something of a mission to promote artistic creativity in young people, was very happy to deliver the 8 feet tall sculpture to the school this week and is looking forward to watching the spectacle that has been planned by the school on 22nd October.

From there, in early November, it will be going to the Retford Town Hall before returning to West Street.

Should you be interested in any further information about the Poppy Tree or commissoning a similar sculptural work, please contact Kenny. Single poppies are also available to buy.

Garden Art Poppy 2