Commissioned gates at the Rum Runner in Retford.

These monumental gates were commissioned by the Rum Runner public house in Retford, Nottinghamshire.

The concept was not just about creating a functional piece of urban-rural art, but also to symbolise a celebration and coming together of Retford’s historically diverse backgrounds and professions.

These gates also serve as an invitation and are testimony to a place where individuals can meet in an eclectic melting pot of ideas, opinions and outlooks, which in turn echoes the Rum Runner’s ambition to create an environment where talent can thrive in a welcoming atmosphere featuring its art galleries, musical events, world food nights and community driven gatherings.


The chain framing the middle gate represents the linking of us all together which, hopefully, will serve to inspire and respect our historical paths and make us take a fresh look at the objects we so easily discard or throw away. A unique sentiment captured and embodied through the collective tools used to form the gate structure, most of which have been donated by local folk, including those as owned and used by deceased loved ones, to highlight the variuos trades and tradesmen associated with Retford.