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Retford pub now boasts unique gates boasting town’s history

By Retford Times  |  Posted: August 16, 2014

Retford pub now boasts unique gates boasting town's history

A local artist has designed and produced a unique set of gates which chart Retford’s history through the ages.

The gates will now guard the entrance to the Wharf Road pub the Rum Runner’s yard, where furniture designer Kenny Roach has his studio.

After the pub’s original gates were damaged in a storm, Kenny decided to weld his own replacements themed around the agricultural and industrial heritage of Retford.

The Gallery Gates incorporate original artefacts such as mangers, pitchforks, saws, rakes and chains which have either been donated by the public or salvaged by Kenny from car boot sales.

The Rum Runner’s brewery, Batemans, pledged £2,000 towards the nine-month project, and the business itself has financed the remainder of the costs.

They will be officially unveiled to the public on Bank Holiday Monday by Retford mayor Ann Battey at an event which also includes live music and food.

Kenny’s self-engineered design also spreads to other parts of the yard and incorporates historical features such as the window sill used for knife-sharpening by the old abattoir which once stood on the site.

It also includes a chandelier made of champagne bottles and a horse manger filled with flowers.

“It’s an eclectic assembly – it even has some old brake discs donated by a traffic warden! It’s all been welded by Kenny and features panels of scaffolding boards,” said Rum Runner landlord Jon Noyes.

“Kenny’s a real hoarder!” he added.